Use your own logo or design a logo with our professional design team to create your vision.

No need to re-felt, we come to your house or bar just like your friends will and TAT on location!


Want to a FREE Table Tat?

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​Get 2 free pre printed iCandi t-shirts with every Table Tat.

​Whether you're a business looking to make a corporate image or an individual wanting something different to compliment your home decor, we are glad to produce a design to suit your needs. More examples are below:

For as low as $279 you can customize your table for that one-of-a-kind look.

​Since every TABLE TAT is unique additional charges may apply depending on the amount of artwork involved. Contact us for a custom quote.

How Can The Table Tat Elevate Your Space?




Game Room

If you have your own artwork it should be submitted in vector file format (EPS preferred)

*All text/fonts must be converted to curves.

*No specific resolution is required.

*True vector files saved in .PDF may be acceptable.

*.JPG, .GIF, .BMP are not acceptable.

Additional charges may apply if we have to rework or redraw your graphic.

Make yours

The Original Table Tat!


of a kind!

Man Caves

About Tats​

We strive for high ideals and highly satisfied customers. Our work is permanent once imprinted onto your felt using our special "TABLE TAT" ink, which will not effect ball roll and will wear with the felt, and will last the life of the felt. 

Is your pool table just like the other millions of tables? Separate yourself from the norm. Sport your own custom Table Tat!

Set your table and room apart.

​Make it one of a kind! Upgrade your status!

A great gift idea for the person who has everything.